Transportation When Traveling

Save Money on Transportation When Traveling

Whenever we are planning to go on vacation one of the first things we do is either go online to book our accommodations or call a travel agent to make it happen for us. We will end up booking our hotel stay, airfare, sometimes a cruise, and even a car rental. Is it really a wise decision in renting a car?

The one problem with a car rental is that ninety percent of the time you may not know how to get to your destination of choice. Not to mention with rising gas prices and in some locations having toll roads that weekly car rental could turn into a huge bill. If your planning on going on a cruise then your chances of getting a rental are even slimmer. The worst case scenario would be is getting into an accident from either reading your GPS unit, a map, or you happen to be traveling on the wrong side of the road not knowing it may be a one way.

Your next alternative would be is getting a taxi to get you from one point to the next, but that can prove expensive as well with waiting time if your planning on doing any shopping, and want them to wait on you. If you pay attention you will notice those meters run off a timer and not actually for every mile you move. A big issue with taxi’s is actually having to wait on them to show up. If your in a high end hotel you may not have that problem; however depending on where you get dropped off, you may be waiting up to an hour to get your cab to show up or if it shows up at all. One of the worst case scenarios with taxi’s is if you happen to get stuck in traffic while that meter keeps ticking away.

So what other alternative is there? In a word, charter. Most transportation companies that deal with charter rates are luxury vehicles such as town cars, SUVs, and vans; however you will be surprised to know that they can actually be a cheaper alternative.

Most charter services have a minimum of three hours with an hourly rate of approximately $45 per hour. The drivers of these transportation companies are a lot of the time independent contractors which set their own rates and can be more than willing to work with you. This is not to say that all independent drivers will do the same. The best idea is to call them before you begin your vacation to see what they can do for you.

Of course the best time to come down is during a down season such as September when everybody goes back to school. You can find some amazing deals at that time.

A charter service in the long run if you are planning to stay a short time such as a few days may prove to be the best alternative for you. That is not to say that if you are planning to stay a couple weeks that it would also work for you. In a situation like that then a weekly rental would be the best option.


Transportation Tips For Travelers


Book at least a week in advance. For the best discount airfares make a reservation one, two or three weeks before the departure date.

Keep in mind that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday flights are usually less expensive.

Night time departure flights are usually cheaper.

Try to choose the same airline for the entire trip.

Do not forget to reconfirm your flight times a day before your departure. Inquire about the check-in procedure and the luggage allowance.

Consider packing into transparent plastic zippered bags for easy inspection. Plan to arrive to an airport at least two hours prior to flight time. Do not leave your baggage alone at any time. You may be asked to turn on all of your electric and electronic appliances.

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Budget airlines offer cheap fares around the world. Reserve your flight on the web or by phone, using your credit card to pay.

Most discount airlines’ tickets are unchangeable and nonrefundable, some offer changes on the return dates for an extra fee. In the latter case you need to make changes at least 24 hours before your departure.

Most budget airlines offer one-way flights without a cost increase or penalty which provides an excellent way to connect cheap flights, to link flights with ground transportation. Plan to leave some extra time for the connection, the delay of one flight will cause you to miss another linked flight.

Every budget airline has its own luggage restrictions, make sure you learn them before booking. Many of them allow very limited check-in luggage for free, sometimes only 15 or 20 kg (33 or 44 lbs) charging up to $15 per kg (2.2 lbs) of extra weight.

Discount airlines quite often use obscure airports located far away from from the city center. It can cost you extra money and transfer time.


Make sure you catch the right train at the right place. Cities often have more than one train station, so pay attention. If confused, ask for help.

Each car in a train is labeled separately, cars are usually added and dropped here and there along the journey. Be sure that the city on your car’s label is your destination.

Theft is quite common on trains, so stay alert and observant. Clip your backpack to the overhead rack for safety.

For overnight trips get a couchette — a sleeping berth in a compartment. Reserve it at least a day in advance from. Sheets, pillowa and blankets will cost you extra money.

For an average independent traveler planning to see lots of Europe, the best way to go is Eurailpass. Eurailpasses offer you unlimited first-class travel on all public railways in 17 European countries. Most passes can be purchased from six months in advance to one week ahead. After you buy a railpass, you have six months to validate it in Europe. You can validate your railpass at any European train station by presenting your railpass and passport to a railway official at a ticket window, who will write in the first and last dates of your travel period.


We recommend you to book a cruise early, at least a month prior to the sail date.

Try to be flexible about your travel plans, off-season cruises are almost always cheaper.

By getting a four-day cruise in the middle of the week instead of the popular three-day weekend cruise you might get that extra day at a good rate.

Choosing the right cruise. It is totally up to your taste. The most populat destinations among first-time cruisers are the Caribbean or Mexican Riviera, where you float from one island paradise to the next. More experienced travelers choose Alaska or Canada where you’ll experience calving glaciers and magnificent whales. Cruises to Europe with a few days of trans-Atlantic voyage, culture shock and information-rich shore excursions are recommended for the most experienced cruisers.

Cruise length. Three-day weekend, four-day midweek, week and two-week cruises are the most popular.

Cabins are listed as inside (no windows) or outside (with windows, higher priced). If you plan to spend most of the time in your cabin, choose the biggest room you can afford. Standard cabins have twin beds, which can usually be converted into a queen-sized bed, while bunk beds in other rooms cannot be converted.


There are four types of car rental rates: a daily rate with a mileage charge; a daily rate with a limited number of free miles per day; a daily rate with unlimited mileage; and a rate that has free mileage over an extended period. Vehicles are economical when rented by the week with unlimited mileage. Daily rates are usually quite high, but there are some good 3-day deals. Rates vary from company to company, month to month, and country to country.

Your age may affect the rate. Younger renters (below 25 years of age) can get charged extra money, like being required to buymore expensive

Transportation Manager

Transportation Manager Job Description

A Transportation Manager job description will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the necessary skill and experience level required to qualify for this position. Understanding the responsibilities will allow you to structure your resume with the appropriate licensure, qualities and experience relevant to the job and will increase your chances of qualifying.

As the Transportation Manager your task will revolve in the mainstream activities that equate to dispatching, routing and tracking transportation for all operations mechanisms; airline, mobile and railroad activities. You will be responsible for the planning, organizing and managing of assigned responsibilities for each staff member. This ensures the efficiency and compliance for all deliverable and key performance indicators set for the project.

The manager conducts investigations and provides the resolution for complaints registered by clients and staff, in effect to transportation and public safety issues with relevance to the division. As the company point of contact in matters pertaining to transportation safety and efficiency, he will communicate with personnel from all departments; implementing logistic and schedule policies designed to promote quality control and overall safety.

Creating policy relative to division requirements are part of the job, often times collaborating with other department managers, clients and department heads for congruence and systematic roll out. The manager conducts performance tracking as well as administrative compliance inspections for all departments to make sure that the site complies with union contract regulations and municipal policies for safety and transportation.

Performance monitoring for operations and administrative adherence is supervised by the Transportation Manager, ensuring that the staff complies with union contracts, municipal regulations and safety protocol. He is responsible for communicating with federal law compliance for transport safety, by developing and implementing policies to comply with state law and it’s prefect.

Corporate Event

Corporate Event Transportation

Transportation can be so much more than just a means of moving from one place to another. When you can sit back and not worry about traffic or directions you will find that some transportation can be a comfortable and pleasant way to socialize with your coworkers, sort of like a pre-party before the event. When you plan transportation the right way, you will comfortably arrive at the event on-time and with style.

Plan Ahead

Planning a corporate event? Whether it’s a weekend company retreat or a reception event for your executives from overseas, be sure that the transportation plan is prepared. Transportation is one of the most over-looked aspects of corporate event planning, but where would you be without it?

The first thing to think about when planning the transportation for a corporate event is the number of people that will be in attendance and from where each attendee will be arriving. For example, at a reception event for incoming executives or guests, there will be several people needing to be picked up from either an airport or hotel. If your office is planning a retreat, you may just need a vehicle or two (large enough to accommodate all of the employees) to arrive at the office. If people will be driving themselves to an event, consider a valet parking service for the guests.

Next, you will need to consider the event’s itinerary. Is it a weekend corporate convention full of travel from one activity to the next or just a one-night, one-stop event? After you have built a complete itinerary of the event’s schedule, don’t forget to factor in transport to and from each location for all members.

Lastly, but definitely not least important, keep in mind the theme of the event. If the event is formal, consider using formal transportation (i.e. limousines), but if the event is a casual team-building outing, a party bus may be more fitting. Sounds like a lot of work just to plan the transportation of your event, huh? In order avoid worrying about the timing and coordination of transportation; call a transportation consultant to accommodate all of your travel needs.

Transportation Consultants

All the planning is done, the itinerary is scheduled and the transportation is booked. Finally, you can rest easy. But what if a plane gets delayed, an activity runs long, or a meeting finishes early? You need to find a company that can adjust to the last second changes in the transportation schedule. Choose a transportation consultant that understands the importance of a good impression and guarantees an excellent and customized service at an affordable rate and let them take care of the rest.

Ideal Transportation

The Ideal Transportation

Majority of the flights of Colorado land on the Denver International Airport since it is the biggest airport of the U.S. And when you land in Denver you have various destinations to near by places besides Denver. For that you need to get Denver to Boulder transportation if you are going to Boulder.

Whenever you have plans to go somewhere, conveyance can be the biggest issue. Your conveyance should be reliable and comfortable. Reliable in a sense that it doesn’t break down in the middle of the journey, takes you on time and safely to your destination, such as a Boulder Limousine. Comfortable on the other hand means that if it is hot outside, your car should have a good Air conditioner for a relaxing atmosphere and also the seats should be clean and comfortable similar to those in a Boulder Limousine. You can’t travel in a Denver to Boulder transportation which is dirty and smelly.

Denver to Boulder Transportation can be a luxurious Boulder limousine or a Boulder Taxi. This depends on you and the number of passengers for whom you want to hire the Denver to Boulder transportation for.

If you are on a business tour and want to impress your clients and have landed on DIA, then your Denver to Boulder transportation should be a Boulder Limousine. Not only does it have the looks and the glamour but it also offers an exotic and a relaxing interior to make your journey pleasurable. Renting Limousine can be a bit expensive but it is worth spending your money on such a comfortable ride.

You will not have any Denver to Boulder Transportation which is so comfortable and has a huge leg space than in a Limousine. While you are on a long journey, your legs gets tired and the Boulder limousine have huge space to relax your legs and some people even go to sleep in such a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. The boulder limousine has soundproof interior and you do not get to hear any outside noise. You can sleep or watch TV as you feel like.

Your Denver to Boulder transportation should therefore be a Boulder Limousine if you want a classy and a calm ride. There is no dearth of other Denver to Boulder transportations as well. There is Boulder Car service which has a fleet of variety of cars including the taxi as well. Also there is public transportation but who would like to go for public transportation if you have once ridden in a Boulder Limousine.

Auto Transport Service

Auto Transport Service – What You Should Know

Having your car moved from your current location to your destination entails planning and preparation. During your planning and preparation, you’ll eventually ask yourself what option you can take and the answer to that is availing yourself auto transport service.

Auto transport service is one of the vital services that people can avail of. The necessity for car moving has gone up over the past few years resulting in many a transport company being established. Competition in the industry is at an all-time high and as such, you will have to carefully weigh what exact auto mover you’re going to hire. The choice can be an overwhelming one considering such a factor.

Reliable auto transporter service is always available. One good thing to do is to list down some questions that you should ask before calling up a shipping company to move your car. In order to do so, here are some question you should consider before picking up that phone and dialing away.

1. Is the auto shipper licensed? Does it have insurance? – it is known that insurance protects you from emergencies, such as getting into an accident. The same goes for your car. Make sure that the auto transporting company you’re going to hire has this option, in case your car gets damaged during the trip. Also, make sure that the company has a license since this means that it is legitimate.

2. How much does such a service cost? What sort of payment is needed? – although this isn’t the most factor to consider when it comes to transporting your car, it is a vital part of the auto shipping process. Reliable auto movers will always give you a price quote through phone and they may need you to pay a deposit up front in case you will avail of their services. This deposit makes sure that you are on the list of would be clients.

3. Where is the pick-up point? Where is the drop off location? – you might want to know about this since there are some auto shipping companies that have their staff deliver clients’ cars at their respective terminals. This means that you might have to go to where the company’s stationed in order to get your car.

Auto Transport Company

Check Details For Safe Auto Transport Company

If you are planning to shift your car to a distant place then you may require auto transport for this purpose. There are a number of car shipping companies available and you can get the details of these companies online also. It is advisable that you should check the charges being taken for the car shipping by these auto transport companies. You can make a comparison between the different transporter companies and their charges for the shipping being charged. You can reach to a suitable offer through this process and can easily ensure the safe shipping of your car. However, here we are mentioning few tips to ensure that your car shipping is safe for you.

The first and foremost point when you go to get the auto transport is to check the credentials of the company. What is the company’s past record in the service and how they respond to the accident claims? You can ask for details on these questions from the company’s professionals who can guide you in a better way. Once you are sure about the company’s credentials then you can give a go ahead to your car shipping program and can relax about the safe delivery of your car.

Another thing is the price of shipping being charged about the companies. Different companies charged different prices for the car shipping. Here, you have to gather all information about the different price quotes. You can make a selection from these quotes whichever you find suitable to your needs.

Now comes the shipping payment part. If the company asks you to make payment in the beginning then you should be very cautious of it motives. If possible, try to avoid using the services of this company and go for the next one. These methods are applicable to all auto transport companies and before making final decision just go for it.

Another important factor is the insurance coverage being provided by the transport company. Auto transporter usually tells half truths related to the insurance coverage of the car. You need to check the insurance details being provided by the company and see if it is offering you the desired level of insurance or not.

We all know that the insurance coverage comes in primary and secondary. Just check for few more things like what insurance they are going to cover for damages and if an accident takes place then is there a deductible for the damages also being charged by the company or not. You can seek lot of information on these issues and can save your money.

Tourism Planning

Tourism Planning Should Include Transportation Plans

If you are planning a vacation, make sure you have a way to get around. Many cities that are famous for their great tourism options have plenty of ways to help visitors get from one area to another. Take a look at some of your choices, and research what is available depending on the city you are visiting.

If you are driving your own car, you have a way to get from one place to another. However, you will have to worry about directions and parking. Plus, driving is not always an option when your destination is far away. For this reason, you may choose to travel by plane. In this case, you might want to get a rental vehicle when you reach your destination. Most tourism offices can let you know if driving around the city is advised. There may be reliable public transportation in the area. That may save you a great money on transportation costs. Also explore city car sharing options where they are available.

You may find that residents and visitors get around certain cities by taking trains, cabs, subways, or streetcars. Find out which options are available and preferred, and get to know how much each option costs. You should also learn what hours these modes of transportation operate. Otherwise, you run the risk of being stranded in a city you do not know. Staff members at the local tourism office should be able to recommend feasible public transportation options. They can even provide you with pamphlets or direct you to websites that have the facts you need. Print out route maps for the public transportation options that you plan to use when you reach your destination.

Finally, check with your hotel to learn what is available in the area. Most hotels can recommend entertainment, places to eat, and places to shop within walking distance. You can also learn about historic areas or famous landmarks. Ask your hotel concierge what sightseeing options are available. Some hotels will even offer a free shuttle around the city, so be sure to find out about this possibility as you make your plans.

Before you plan your vacation, you need to think about transportation around the destination. Fortunately, most cities have a lot of choices. Plus, there are many resources to utilize, including websites about your destination, hotel staff members, and the local tourism department. Take advantage of all these when you go.

Public Transport

Public Transport in Italy

Conducting a Google search on the phrase Public Transport Italy will indicate that public transportation in Italy is not hard to come by. Overall, it is relatively easy to get around the country due to its superb rail system. However, depending on the town which you plan on visiting, there may or may not be a train. It thus helps to review all of the public transportation options available in Italy before visiting the popular European vacation destination. The main modes of public transportation in Italy include train, bus, taxi, and ferry boat.

Train service is available throughout most of Italy, and it is a particularly economical and efficient way to get around when touring big cities like Rome. Italy’s trains are primarily operated by Trenitalia and a group of smaller companies that tend to provide local transportation. In addition, those visiting the regions of Naples and Sorrento should research the Circumvesuviana trains. Naples is connected to Sorrento, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and other villages in the area via this railway network. Travellers who have a long itinerary and a limited amount of time may furthermore be interested in Italy’s new high-speed trains, the Alta Velocita.

In addition to trains, buses are a form of transportation widely used by tourists visiting Italy. Even in some of the larger cities that serve as tourist attractions in Italy, it may very well be easier to take a bus than a train. As an example, it is well-known that taking a bus from Florence to Siena is more efficient than taking a train. Most smaller towns, on the other hand, either primarily or solely rely on bus transportation to move people around. For example, the Sorrento/Amalfi villages are connected to one another via the reputable SITA bus system. SITA is an Italian government agency.

Another Italian bus line is the CSTP, which services travellers in the Cilento area. Service to the Santa Maria di Castellabate area is offered through the CSTP, with buses leaving from depots in Salerno and Agropoli and making stops in land and coastal villages. When using buses to get around Italy, tourists should allow for more time than they would with trains. This is due to the unpredictable nature of bus schedules.

Taxis are yet another mode of public transportation commonly used in Italy. Taxis are available in almost every Italian city. It is recommended that tourists ride in official taxis when travelling around Italy. Taxi rides in Italy are relatively inexpensive, and they provide an easy way to visit different parts of the country. People can typically find taxis at stands, especially in the big cities. If a stand is not to be found, they can go into a local cafe or shop and call for a taxi.

Last but not least, ferries are yet other forms of public transportation commonly used in Italy. Italy’s mainland is connected to many islands via ferries, and a few of these boats are even connected to coastal towns. However, tourists need to be advised that the vast majority of these ferries do not have the capacity to house cars. They should therefore contact the ferry company in advance of their boat ride if it is in their plans to take a car on the boat.

One of the top ferry companies in Italy is Cooperativa Sant’Andrea, which operates all along the Amalfi coast. A group of 25 or more people can rent their own tour boat from this company. Yet another popular Italian ferry line is the Metro del Mare, which runs back and forth through Naples, Capri, the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, and the Cilento coast.

In conclusion, trains, buses, taxis, and ferries are the top modes of public transportation used by people to get around Italy. Trains are the most efficient and inexpensive method of travelling around big cities, though tourists may find that buses will better serve their needs depending on which urban area they are travelling to. Buses and ferries are by far the most utilized ways to get around smaller towns and coastal regions in Italy. Taxis can be found all throughout Italy.